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Unholy War

Title: Unholy War Description: The Decision Was Made Until... Well, HER. Synopsis: Unholy War is the dramatic stage play about a groom, Yves, and the personal dilemma of walking down the aisle on his wedding day. The show is directed by contemporary playwright Dui Jarrod. The story is a modern tale about the past, that takes you on a gut-wrenching journey to present fears. Starring: Alexander Mulzac, Briana Swann, Peyton Coles, Micheal Gregory and Charlie Prendergast. The show premiered at The Brooklyn School of Music Playhouse in Fort Greene, BK on November 2013. For licensing inquires please see contact page. www.facebook.com/...

Fine Print

Title: Fine Print Description: An embattled U.S. Senator preparing for a prison stint hires a young playwright to write his story while he's away. This is the fifth play offering from Dui Jarrod. The play is currently in development.