Four Things To Do TODAY…(Change Your Life)

Open your heart and read these four things. Then take five minutes to truly reflect. Find you. Move Forward.

1.)  Show Them The Door.

One of the hardest things to do, in life, is the let go of people (energy) who are no good for your. I, too, had this problem for many years and as I’ve matured into the man I am, I began to look at my life and see who was good for me and who simply wasn’t. Letting them go was the hard but necessary part of my manhood. LET THEM GO. Trust me, in the beginning it will be difficult, but eventually, you’ll see the lightness of the load.  Basically, de-clutter the energy around you.

2.)  Be Honest, With You.

Honesty really begins with yourself. The lies we tell ourselves are deafening. They cause us to constantly make decisions that hurt us further. Think about it: bad relationships, money decisions, career. Almost always, our lives reflect the lies (or truths) we tell ourselves.

3.)  See The World, As Is.

The delusion of self in the landscape of the universe is one of the biggest misconceptions. We do not exists on our own. We are, knowingly or unknowingly, are part of a universe flow of life. Our participation in the process is living. Resisting is dying. If you want something and the universe is opening up, go. And vice versa of course.

4.)  Visualize. Actualize. Manifest.

See it. Do it. Be it.

Fuck it, you have nothing to lose.


1 Reply to "Four Things To Do TODAY...(Change Your Life)"

  • Barbara Alexander
    June 8, 2015 (8:28 am)

    Thank you for that Dui. I think you are right. If we each did those four things our lives could be what our heart really wants. Here I am at 70 embarking on a new journey with art after working in the mental health field as a nurse and then therapist for 47 years. I am not listening to the limitations our culture puts on us because we are “old”. And, I am realizing, as you say that honesty with ourselves comes first and then it seems easy to be honest with others. You know those little things we pretend don’t matter. It does matter and if I can be who I really am, then the other can be the same. I love your work — look forward to seeing more and I’m sure that I will!

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