Four Things To Do When S#%T Is F’d Up

Donnie McClurkin famously sang “We fall down, but we get up.” While I’m not a staunchly religious person, I’ve YouTube’d those lyrics many times when the chips in my life were all down. The first three words drove me to press play, however the last for are the ones we have the hardest time doing.

Here are four things you can do today to get back into the game of life and off YouTube:


Because it’s FUNNY. Sorry if it seems as if I’m suggesting to simply laugh at the dire situation you’re in – but, well – I am. Of course laughter has its on natural healing effects, but when you take a look back over the “hard times,” doesn’t it seem smaller now than what it was at that time. See! Laugh at whatever the situation may be and repeat five times: This too shall pass. Keep it moving.

2) Note Gratitude In Notes

Part of the reason all seems lost is because we forget, sadly, of all that we’ve come through to get to where we’ve gotten. Even deeper, we forget who helped us get there. Notes of gratitude to those people often sets your heart back on the right course. It identifies the successes, not the depths of the failures. Just a few quick notes to some meaningful people will set you up for the comeback!

3) Lean Into The Discomfort

Most, ignorantly so, will disagree with the fact that – when the chips are down, give yourself time to feel whatever you are feeling. Feel it, but don’t stay there! This is the thing: We, journeymen, have been taught by this capitalistic “winner-take-all” society that we shouldn’t feel failure. This debilitating mindset comes from “the man” needing you to overcome your sadness and get your ass back to making them money. Joy is as natural as pain. Winning is as natural as losing. Up’s need the down’s. BOTH are needed to feel ALIVE. If you’re hurt, or stressed, or heartbroken because the bumps in the road have become too much to better – FEEL IT. Joy is on the other side.

4) Go To Bed (On-time); Wake Up (On-time)

Look, none of our journeys were designed to be without peril. It’s just not that way, but to sulk in it up all night on FB watching the “success” of others is no favor to yourself, or dare a say the ones who believe in you. Identify where you went wrong…and right. Make a plan, take your ass to bed, and wake up ready to defend your dream.

Get your ass up and keep going. It’s never as bad as it seems.

Love & Light

1 Reply to "Four Things To Do When S#%T Is F'd Up"

  • Carlisa Gilmer
    September 17, 2014 (9:56 pm)

    Thank you. I will get my ass up and keep going. Because it’s NOT as bad as it seems and my greater IS COMING! Just needed to be reminded to LAUGH!

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